Create an uproar!

What better way to start a post than to support a cause. Recently i came across this Facebook fan page” STOP trophy hunting NOW” and saw some horrible footages of lion killings. Until then, I always thought animal killings were banned all over the world since a long time. In fact the trend is going higher. Its a proliferating business there right now. Pretty disheartening fact especially for me who comes from a place where lions are well protected and the population is on the rise. Where lions are protected not only by the government but also by the local people.

I have spent days wandering around the Sasan-Gir lion sanctuary and have closely observed the human-lions interaction there. I have seen people who will go one step ahead to protect the lions. After spending so much time to know more about lions ( at one point, i thought about leaving everything and do more research on lions.Well its been a dream). Here is my fav lion pic which i took at midnight around 3:30am. ( Very interesting encounter, will post more on this later..)

(Asiatic lion-Male – Sasan gir, Gujarat, India)

Anyway, The point here is to spread the word about the new ongoing international campaign by national geographic to stop killing lions. Here is the link. Hope the govt. there takes some action before it becomes  irreversible!


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